Argos (Streatham): 0345 165 7061

Contact Argos on the telephone number of their Streatham store 0345 165 7061 to ask a representative questions on claiming a refund or their latest catalogue during your next visit to the popular London branch.


Streatham Store Helpline – 0345 165 7061

Contact Argos Streatham by calling their London telephone number 0345 165 7061 to ask for a catalogue to be delivered to your home address or to discuss a recent purchase made in the high street store. For instance, customers should discuss the Argos returns policy if they are unhappy with a product, whether a piece of home furniture or electrical item that was bought from the Streatham store. Moreover, customers should use this number to ask what counts as proof of purchase if they have lost their receipt but would still like to claim for a refund.

Alternatively, you can ask what to do if you would like to exchange an item but its returns period has expired. Callers can also use this number to reserve an item in the Streatham store over the phone before picking it up in person if they are unable to use the online click and collect service. You should also get in touch to discuss the possibility of ordering an Argos Card, where you can spread the cost of every purchase made in the Streatham branch with a buy now pay later or standard credit plans.


Cost of Calling the Streatham Store and Helpline Opening Hours

The Argos store uses a local rate contact number that will change callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other UK geographic call that has been made from a mobile or landline phone. The Streatham branch of Argos is available during the opening hours of 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm Sundays.


National Customer Services – 0345 640 2020

Phone the national Argos customer service helpline number 0345 640 2020 to contact a representative with any problems regarding a visit to the Streatham store. For instance, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of service you have received in the Streatham store or if you would like to report the misconduct of a member of staff then you should register a complaint on this number. Alternatively, if you have made an order from the Argos online store but have since changed your mind then you should get in touch to cancel your order on this line. You should also get in touch to track the location of an item that is currently in transit before being given a delivery estimate.


Argos Phone Numbers

Argos Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Streatham Store Helpline 0345 165 7061 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm Sundays
National Customer Services 0345 640 2020 7am-10pm Monday to Sunday
National Store queries 0345 640 3030 7am-10pm Monday to Sunday


Visit the Streatham Store

If you would like to visit the Streatham branch of Argos then you should take note of their full address and postcode for use in your car satellite navigation device or mobile maps app:

216-220 Streatham High Rd,
SW16 1BB,
United Kingdom.