Cex Streatham – 01923 228 828

Call Cex Streatham on their London rate telephone number 01923 228 828 to contact a representative from the store with any customer enquiries such as questions about the cost of a particular video game on either a Sony Playstation or Xbox system.

About Cex

Cex is a high street retailer that focuses on the sale of second hand goods such as video games and DVDs, while also selling a range of pre-owned technological equipment from personal computers to mobile phones. Cex was established in 1992 in the London but has since grown to have over 350 stores across the United Kingdom with a popular branch in the capital’s zone 3 area of Streatham.


Cex Streatham General Enquiries – 01923 228 828

Call Cex Streatham on their general enquiries telephone number 01923 228 828 for information prior to taking any of your electronics to the London store. For instance callers will be able to ask for a quote on the value of a range of goods such as video games and DVDs but will be given varying estimates depending on whether they are looking for in-store credit or a cash exchange. Customers can also sell more expensive items in store such as a Sony PS4 games console or recent iPhone or Android mobile. However it should be noted that customers will have to leave their device with a Cex representative over a testing period that usually lasts less than 2 hours before receiving the equivalent value in money. As you will be unable to exchange any goods for money at the store without a membership card, new customers will have to register an account in store but can discuss the required documentation  that they will need, such as what would qualify as proof of identity over the phone. You may also be interested in setting up a standard exchange rather than full membership but will be unable to trade-in a mobile phone or any other electronic items.

Furthermore you may wish to contact the Streatham branch of Cex to check the availability of a particular video game prior to your visit in store but you will be unable to reserve any items over the phone.


Customer Complaints – 01923 228 828

You should also call Cex Streatham on their main customer contact number 01923 228 828 if your have any complaints about your experience in store. For instance if you are unhappy with the services provided by during a recent visit or by the conduct of a particular member of staff from the store then you should register a grievance with the company. You should also call the customer complaints helpline if you have been mis-sold an item that is not suitable for use in the UK such as a video game that is not compatible with a PAL device.


Call Times and Contact Hours

Cex Streatham operates a 01 contact number meaning that callers will only be charged the standard per-minute rate as for any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However you will be able to contact the Streatham branch for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone network provider when making a call.

The Cex Streatham lines are available during the store’s standard opening hours meaning that you will be able to get in touch from 10am – 7pm Monday to Saturday, 11pm – 5pm Sundays.


Other Ways to Get in Touch


Cex UK Online Support Centre

If you have made a purchase over the Cex online store rather than in the Streatham branch but have a complaint regarding delayed delivery times or any other aspect of the customer service offered by the retailer then you should leave a message on the Cex UK Online Support Centre.


Write to Cex Streatham

If you would like to discuss your enquiry in person or even continue to selling your technological goods then it is important that you take note of their zone 3 address: Cex Streatham, 164 High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 1BJ, United Kingdom.