Dr Doolittle’s Contact Number – 0208 671 6760

Call Dr Doolittle’s on their main shop floor contact number 0208 671 6760 to enquire what animals are currently on sale in the shop or to order any pet supplies by telephone.

About the Pet Shop

Dr Doolittle’s is one of the longest running independent pet shops in South West London. The shop provides the full range of supplies needed to look after your pet, whether you own a dog, cat or an exotic animal. For instance customers can purchase some of the best known brands of pet food or specialist products for animals with dietary restrictions. Dr Doolittle’s customers will receive comprehensive support on how to look after their new pet when buying an animal but are encouraged to use the below contact number for follow up care.

Dr Doolittle’s Reception – 0208 671 6760

Contact Dr Doolittle’s reception using their London rate number 0208 671 6760 to ask which species of animals the pet store currently has for sale. Furthermore callers can enquire about the prices of any of the shop’s pet supplies before making a purchase in store. For instance, Dr Doolittle’s encourages pet owners to have any required cages, crates, and beds to ensure a safe home for any new pets. Furthermore callers should contact Dr Doolittle’s in advance to book a session for their pets in the shop’s grooming studio as the service operates an appointment policy only.

Dr Doolittle’s is the only licensed pet shop in Lambeth that is able to sell live animals meaning that you can call for directions if you are travelling from a different London district. Alternatively you can find Dr Doolittle’s when entering the shop’s address into Google maps: Dr Doolittle’s Pet Shop, 57-59 Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4TX, United Kingdom.

Call Dr Doolittle’s for advice on how to care for your pet at any point after purchase regardless if you have bought a dog or a more difficult animal to look after from the shop. For instance Dr Doolittle’s provides support on parrot care while also selling suitable food for the bird’s dietary requirements such as TidyMix and Harrison pellets for parrots and parakeets.

Callers can also discuss Dr Doolittle’s return policy if they have recently purchased a pet but would like to bring the animal back to the store. However purchases made after Dr Doolittle’s returns period will not be refunded meaning that customers will have to discuss the best course of action with their nearest animal charity.

Dr Doolittle’s is based in Sreatham so operates a London number that charges callers the standard per-minute rate for all local calls whether they are using a landline or mobile. The pet shop is available to be contacted 6 days a week with the opening hours of 9.30am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

Important Dr Doolittle’s Contact Numbers

Dr Doolittle’s Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Dr Doolittle’s Shop 0208 671 6760 9.30am-6pm Monday to Saturday
Dr Doolittle’s Managers Office 07541 539 954 9.30am-6pm Monday to Saturday

Email Dr Doolittle’s

If you are unable to get through to Dr Doolittle’s on either their landline or mobile number then you can contact the pet shop online when sending an email to their customer enquiries address: drdoolittles2@gmail.com.